Monday, April 5, 2021

Running in the Night


- Well, we're lost again... she mumbled looking at the device or mobile phone as mortals called that small box that nowadays they would spend hours of their shorts lives staring at, as if they where hypnotized by it. 

- Of course... He snorted pretending to smoke his cigar, clearly annoyed they had to pretend to be mortals. 

They both have been roaming around this earth for more centuries than they could count and just when they found a new place where they could be themselves without hiding their true nature and watch the mortals from afar, choosing carefully who would be their next victim or their new obsession, they received a call. The Price himself contacted them, there was a breach on the Masquerade and someone needed to be punished. 

There were other vampires around but as the Prince said himself: You're the only ones who can enter in that damn theater without being noticed. And that was true. They both were Toreador and even thought they didn't agree on many things and would spend months or even years discussing on how modern art shows that mortals have lost their artistic skills and that they should have embraced many artists from the renaissance period, there was one thing they both had in common and that was the one of the bonds that kept them together. They loved to look like mortals. But to look like only,  since over the many centuries of their existence and growing power, it was hard to just walk when they could fly or move as fast as the blink of an eye. 

- So what do we do milady? - He peeked over her shoulder, trying to take a glimpse of the thing called Google Maps and feeling disgusted that he needed to trust a man made device instead of using his powers.

She smiled, her fangs shining bright. - "Well... since this thing won't recognize my fingers and doesn't seem to like my nails either, let's follow the flock "millourt" ... they will never notice us" She said taking a fake sip from her Starbucks cup and nodded at the well dressed up mortals passing by them and commenting about how the new actor that was in town was so charming that not only the women but the men were lining up to see him.  - "Oh, looks like we found our destination, shall we? And darling... your cigar is not lit.."  She chuckled lowly, quickly snapped her fingers making his cigar actually burn as she offered him her arm to walk with her. 

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